Adapted by Tristan Bernays
Sound Design by David Gregory
Lighting Design by Lawrence Doyle

Premiered at The Watermill on the 31st October 2016
Transferred to Wiltons Music Hall on the 7th March 2017

“If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear!”

Frankenstein, a young scientist, brings a gruesome body to life. Cast out into a hostile world, Frankenstein’s creature searches for his true identity. But the pain of rejection and a broken promise changes everything. Vengeful, dangerous and in bloodthirsty pursuit of his maker, the creature threatens to destroy Frankenstein and the lives of everyone he loves.
Tristan Bernays’ vision of Mary Shelley’s masterpiece explores the timeless relationship between parent and child.

‘Perhaps the most honest, understated and utterly captivating version of Frankenstein to have ever graced the stage…Subtle, simple and emotionally charged"
West End Wilma

‘… at times it feels almost like you are watching a ballet by the way he fills the whole stage with movement. A credit to Movement Director, Tom Jackson Greaves.’
The Spy In The Stalls

‘Despite his baby-faced good looks, George Fletcher embodies the Creature with sinuous movement and anguished expression with no need for extra make-up’