Tom likes to create his own theatrical dance-theatre experiences and has created his own works that have been performed throughout the UK: in theatres, village halls, schools, pubs and at outdoor festivals!


ADance Theatre Adventure.
Commissioned by Cscape Dance Company and SALT Festival.
Directed and Choreographed by Tom Jackson Greaves

Run For Your Life

A dance theatre story for our times, in collaboration with Kneehigh Theatre.
Directed and Choreographed by Tom Jackson Greaves

Seven Deadly Sins

Adam and Eve are in a relationship pickle! As they dance through the sins of their past they reach an ultimate choice. But are they brave enough to make it?

Vanity Fowl

Choreography and Performance: Tom Jackson Greaves  
Composer: Peter Lyons
Costume Design: Theo Clinkard
Film Direction: Miles Langley
Lighting Design: Lawrie McLennan

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