Director and Choreographer: Tom Jackson Greaves
Writer: Anna Maria Murphy
Dramaturgy: Mike Shepherd
Performed by Chris Scott, Gareth Mole, Tom Jackson Greaves and Emily Dobson.

Lead Rambles artist Anna Maria Murphy joined forces with Tom Jackson Greaves to create a political response piece in Carn Marth Quarry.
The piece was called Run for Your Life and it featured professional performers alongside young dancers from All Boys Dance and Hall for Cornwall Youth Dance. Run for Your Life was inspired by Kneehigh's visits to the Jungle camp in Calais and Bogota in Colombia as well as looking at the themes of home, refuge, tribe and crossing borders.

Alongside the live performance we worked with community groups in Redruth to create artworks to decorate Carn Marth Quarry. Why Don't You and Carefree built weather vanes, with WILD creating delicate hanging birds, and Cornwall College National Saturday Art & Design Group designed and made fantastic banners. 

The performance was fully booked with 350 due to be on site. However, due to bad weather we had to relocate. The performance went ahead playing to a smaller audience. In August 2016 Run For Your Life was restaged at the Kneehigh Asylum - this time including a question and answer session with the lead artists and Joe Robertson (Good Chance Tent, The Jungle).