Written by Lucy Alibar
Designed by Petra Hjorstberg
Lighting Design by Sarah Louise McColgan
Sound Design by Alexandra Braithwaite

Work-in-progress sharing premiered at Nuffield Theatre 12.11.15

Juicy and Delicious is the play that inspired the Academy Award nominated motion picture, Beasts of the Southern Wild; an epic, funny, magical realist tale about growing up and learning to deal with death.

In the stark red clay hills of South Georgia we meet Hushpuppy; motherless, he lives alone with his father. When his father is struck by illness, the universe begins to crumble. Lemons and grits fall from the sky and herds of extinct buffalo stampede across the land. As the world becomes more fragile, Hushpuppy and his friends must learn to care for one another.

This raw, angry and funny coming-of-age story takes its audience on a journey of loss, survival and self-discovery.