Musical Director: Craig Adams
Lighting Designer: Andy Voller
Designer: Georgia Lowe
Cast: Julie Atherton, Nikki Davis Jones, Cynthia Erivo, Jonny Fines, Luke Kempner, Ellie Kirk, George Maguire, Robbie Towns

Premiered at the Soho Theatre on the 30.01.13

Produced by: Jim Zalles for Theatre Bench, Ros Povey and Andy and Wendy Barnes for Perfect Pitch

1 Lift, 8 Strangers, 54 Seconds, a thousand possibilities.

A new musical by Craig Adams and Ian Watson  about Love, Life and Loss in a London LIFT. How the things we dare not say could change our lives and how those closest to us are often those we've never met.

‘The notable thing about the show is its choreography… silent action indicates the motion of a train or gives the impression of other scenarios as they unfold.’ The Londonist