Designed by Katie Lias
Lighting designed by Tom White
Sound designed by David Gregory
With music by Johnny Flynn

Premiered 25.02.16 and returned in Rep in 2017

A powerful and explosive new production of Shakespeare’s immortal tale of an all-consuming love. Risking everything, a young couple defy their feuding families and find love on the streets of Verona.

This unforgettable production featured live music and an outstanding new ensemble of actors performing in the round.

'The ensemble work (movement director Tom Jackson Greaves) is especially effective at the play's flashpoints' 

'Tom Jackson Greaves’ movement direction comes to the fore when Juliet takes the sleeping draught and is literally transported, trance-like, by a cabal of hoodie-clad wraiths'
The Stage

'This is very much a physical performance with impressive movement and fight sequences choreographed by Tom Jackson Greaves and Ian McCracken.'
British Theatre Guide