Music by Duncan Sheik        
Book and Lyrics by Steven Sater
Designed by Gabriella Slade
Lighting Design by Nic Farman
Sound Design by Leigh Davies
Musical Direction by Gareth Bretherton
Produced by DEM Productions and Aria Entertainment

Premiered at the Hope Mill Theatre Manchester on the 3rd of April 2018.

Perhaps the defining musical of the last decade, Spring Awakening combines an electrifying rock score and genre-defying writing to tell the story of sexual and adolescent discovery. Silenced and dismissed in the firmly censored world of 19th century Germany, a group of teenagers are forced to discover the truth behind their feelings unaided. They find that through each other they unlock a bold and brave new world – with both beautiful and tragic consequences.

Tom won the Broadway World Best Choreography Award for his work on Spring Awakening in 2018.

★★★★ The Stage

'That rebellious sound is matched by Tom Jackson Greaves' irrepressible choreography, as if these young bodies are about to burst out of their seams...'

'Tom Jackson Greaves, who excels as Choreographer on this show with his knack for combining a show-specific movement vocabulary and full-throttle high energy dance sequences, turning potentially bland pop-rock songs into narrative journeys.'
West End Wilma ★★★★★

'Tom Jackson Greaves’ choreography is slick and innovative, performed to precise perfection by the sensational ensemble cast whose electric delivery of Totally F***ed fizzes with defiant joy, screaming to be watched again and again.'
Manchester Evening News

'The choreography is exceptionally innovative and is the real force behind the energy of the production. Sublime from start to finish, Jackson Greaves’ choreography allows us a glimpse into the minds of these teenagers and it’s striking to watch.'
Sincerely Amy ★★★★★

'Sheppard is expertly aided by Tom Jackson Greaves’ well-constructed choreography that enhances the storytelling. Their staging of Totally Fucked is a revelation which has the audiences’ hearts pumping with adrenaline as much as the hormone-fueled actors performing it.'

Manchesters Finest

'...the show would not have had half the impact it had if it were not for the tight choreography by Tom Jackson Greaves.'
Upstaged Manchester ★★★★

'The staging and choreography fit the piece fantastically, and choreographer Tom Jackson Greaves has managed to accurately represent the anarchic and rebellious tone...'
Frankly My Dear ★★★★★