Co-orchestrator and Musical Supervision by Sarah Travis
Co-orchestrator and Musical Direction by Charlie Ingles
Design by Diego Pitarch
Lighting Design by Malcolm Rippeth
Sound Design by Tom Marshall

Premiered at the Watermill on the 26th of July 2018.

'You run your heart like a hotel - you got guys checking in and out all the time’

Charity Hope Valentine fantasises about three things in life: romance, luxury and escaping the questionable clientele of the Fandango Ballroom.
Lovable, gullible and spirited, she longs to find a lover who can sweep her off her feet but guided by the ‘fickle finger of fate’, Charity is always handing over her heart (and her earnings) to the wrong man. There’s Charlie tattooed on her arm, movie star Vittorio Vidal and then there’s Oscar. But will any of them be her one true love?
Charity’s romantic highs and lows entertain and dismay her fellow dancers but in trying to shake off the past, will she ever be able to live happily ever after?

'...this display of some of the finest talent in the land putting on a show that alongside being a rollercoaster of emotions, is a festival of sensational song and dance.'
Jonathan Baz

'The choreography by Tom Jackson Greaves is exciting and modern...'
Pocket Size Theatre

'Tom Jackson Greaves’ choreography encapsulates the modern edge of this production, with mesmerising and seductive movement, that at times makes the intimacy of the Watermill feel like the Palladium with the show stopping big numbers.'
Sincerely Amy

'The choreography by Tom Jackson Greaves is breathtakingly dazzling...'
British Theatre Review

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