Design by Toots Butcher
Music composed by Tarek Merchant
Lighting Design by George Seal
Sound Design by David Gregory

Premiered at The Watermill, Newbury on the 16th of November 2017

Quick, clever and only four inches tall, The Borrowers live happily under the floorboards of a huge house. Bold young Arrietty dreams of exploring the big blue-skied world above their cosy home. But when she finally does, she’s spotted by a frightening ‘human bean’ and The Borrowers are thrown into peril. Will the tiny family escape before it’s too late? And are they ready for their greatest adventure yet?

A big-hearted adventure story full of magical live music - an action-packed Christmas treat!

'...these well-drilled and choreographed actor-musicians achieve perfection in "Cover's an Art" – the borrowers A-Z survival guide.' 

'A big-hearted, inclusive, satisfying family show' 

'The Borrowers is the perfect alternative to pantomime and an ideal family seasonal treat and is highly recommended.' 

'The cast is small, but ridiculously talented. They act, sing, dance and play instruments. All of them! It’s captivating from start to finish.'
Muddy Stilettos