Poetry and Lyrics by Sanah Ahsan
Music Composed by Dom Coyote
Set and Costume Design by Jasmine Swan
Lighting Design by Andrew Exeter
Sound Design by Yvonne Gilbert
Assistant Direction by Annie Southall
Dramaturgy by Priya Patel Appleby

Premiered on the 20th November 2021.

When the ferocious tiger Shere Khan comes looking for prey, Mowgli is swept to safety by wise old panther Bagheera and loveable sloth bear Baloo. As they set to teaching them the laws of the jungle Mowgli has a burning question of their own. Where do we truly belong?
When they finally come face to face with the ferocious Shere Khan Mowgli is left with a decision to make. Should they stay in the jungle and risk destruction, or should they leave and accept that the home they’ve always known isn’t really home after all?
A wildly captivating adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s classic tale about acceptance and finding your place in the world, with live music and stunning choreography.
Join Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera and a gang of funky monkeys as they swing through the treetops and dance to the sounds of the jungle!

‘A beast of a treat' 
Oxford Times
‘A strikingly inclusive and bold reimagining of the Kipling classic’
‘An enchanting production for young families with an unmissable message ’
Pocket Size Theatre